I am sitting here and more or less going over in my head all the stuff I’ve been through, where I came from, where I am going, at least in terms of psychological history/progress. Been a long trip/journey, and I continue to improve here and there, more and more – but no big “upticks” or “shocking” improvements, I wouldn’t say. But, just feeling *good* most of the time. nnIn terms of personal development (hobbies, routines, interests, etc.) that is a whole other topic, and that is a positive part of my life as well :)nnSo, life is OK these days, it seems. No real complaints.nnAnyhow, in terms of the day, itself, nothing too interesting happening around these parts. I started the dishes, had bananas for breakfast and lunch (just mono-meals of *just* bananas), and awaiting the tobacco order, which will likely not arrive today, or tomorrow (because tomorrow is Sunday), so it will likely be Monday (unfortunately). Definitely sucks to wait so long when it was supposed to be here *last* Monday.nnBack later

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