zip zap, hello/goodbye Tuesday

The day flew by. I guess with the good news that I am going to IC for a full day on Friday has put me in a good mood, and time flies when you're feeling good (to alter the original phrase)! :)

It was just 5:00 AM like an hour ago, haha. It's almost 6:00 PM now. Where did the other 13 hours go? I know that I slept a bit here and there, mostly because my sleep was off kilter last night, due to mattress issues, etc. But those are being dealt with now. And I am ordering a new mattress in October, so...

I am still keeping my (good) cholesterol game up, with intake of guacamole, chunky PB, and a stray avo here and there. Plant-based fats are how I am keeping the numbers higher, and I've noticed my leg veins do not feel like they are being tugged on like rubber bands when I've had an adequate amount of (plant-based) fatty foods. It's cholesterol/blood flow related, so, it is what it is.


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