So, I stopped by the [Remark.as Cafe](https://remark.as/cafe), and I saw the link that says *get help with chat?*, so I knew something had changed with the Remark.as chat feature up top. I clicked it, and it took me to the “setup” page (+ general “help” answers) for using the Remark.as chat feature (which uses IRC). And on that page, it said I can use a dedicated IRC client for it, so I went ahead and DuckDuckGo’d “IRC client for MacOS”, and decided on LimeChat. I installed it from the Mac App Store (something I rarely use) for free, and looked through some stuff, and I’m like: “wow! All this just to shoot the shit with a handful of bloggers!” lol! I mean, ticking a box and then immediately chatting with who’s there – that’s cool. All the other stuff is unnecessary, for my needs/wants. Now, I *can* just use the embedded IRC “client” on Remark.as/cafe, itself, but even that looks backwards and odd:nn![](https://i.snap.as/ezo70304.png)nn- commandsn- gesturesn- hashtagsn- channelsn n…on and on, etc.nnMaybe one day if I feel like figuring out all these things I will partake (not a “dumb” person, either – I know a thing or two about general web dev and whatnot), but I don’t feel like configuring all this stuff. Or joining the “wrong” hashtag/room/channel/section and missing out on stuff. nnSo, it’s whatevernnback soon

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