I sometimes watch The Girl With The Dogs on YouTube, a channel about a dog groomer that shows the grooming process for different breeds. Beautiful dogs. Detailed explanations, but just entertaining to watch. A lot of other people think so, too, I suppose.

The Dodo is another animal-related channel I watch. But other than that, it is Let's Game It Out, AVGN, The 8-Bit Guy, LGR, and a few other channels that are randomly interesting - Hobo Maki, Shoestring the Hobo, (rarely) Grandpa Cavendish (I say rarely because he only makes about two videos a year), and another channel that can't seem to narrow down what it's name is gonna be, so I will not bother mentioning it.

Animals, though. I am so glad I do not have an animal anymore. Troublesome hassle. Separation anxiety. Constant need of...everything. Always. And it's a great lesson (or real life example) of how/why I will never have a kid - too much resposnibility that I am NOT up for.

The hobo content - fascinating. Always liked seeing people travel, hop trains, be vagabonds, etc.

that's all