I forget the artist, but those are lyrics.nnI sit, and I think of friendships. How, when I was a teenager (in fact, from 7-years-old until I was 18), I had a friend, “B”, who was my “partner in crime”. A best bud. In teenage years we started to go our own way, and when I was 18, we had parted ways, and I didn’t see him again (or hear from him) until 2013, when we connected on Facebook.nnBut, by the time 2013 rolled around, I had a NEW “best bud” in life – who I will refer to as “T”. And I met him right around the time I parted ways with “B” (when I was 18). So, I didn’t “rely” on “B” being “there” for me in life, in my trials/tribulations, in the world. “T” was my “dude to rely on”.nnNow, “T” has now switched genders to “G”, and is not around anymore. She abandoned her life, her home, her cat, her friends, and everyone – and vagabonds around the Southwest in a van, and I actually do wish her all the best.nnSo that leaves me with me, again. Kind of a “go my own way” type of approach to life. Because as Sublime says: “it’s what I got”.nnI mention this, because I am more or less in a bit of a transition myself. Not in a gender type of way (I’m male, always have been/will be), but in a life sort of way. I am 38, and I always knew life would get “weird” or “interesting” at age 38 (I just KNOW these things, it’s like I have a crystal ball for eventhoods in my life), and, indeed, it is getting interesting.nnHow? Hard to describe. But days are better/bleaker/brighter/brimming with both hope and heartlessness. It’s basically middle-age, coming to make it’s acquaintance, and I welcome him broadly, but also tell him to take his fxxxing shoes off at the door and don’t touch anything. Haha!nnSo, with this comes an oncoming midlife crisis, I am sure. This, I welcome, too. I always “looked forward” to a midlife crisis. And the age of 40. I saw everyone going apeshit at that age from when I took notice of it when I was 8-years-old, and I always thought it was a wild time.nnAnd this is where I am at.nnLet’s see where this all goes :)n

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