I just clicked a link from my RSS feed, which went to a Twitter profile (unknowingly), so I read the affiliated Tweet, and of course *that* made me anxious (because the entire Twitter ethos is to piss people off, make them confused/nervous/panicked), and then I thought of something:nn*My* opinion, thoughts, and perception of what is in front of me on the screen (in terms of the dark patterns, social media sensationalism, mainstream outlet manipulation, etc.) makes *noo* difference in terms of what is “out there”. 2+ years after having left social media and there are *still* batshit conspiracy nuts, radicalized Bitcoiners, and over-hyped, dopamine-fueled gackheads out there just *drumming up shit* for no apparent reason other than they feel the need to (*and* because everyone else is doing it).nn**So what am I getting at?**nnEssentially, that social media toxicity never has, and never will, cure itself. This has been my belief all along, but this just confirms my hypothesis. It’s a sloshpit of button-pressing journalists, narcissistic influencers, and (worst of all) lackie ring-kissers who do nothing but affirm and reaffirm the status quo.nnSo, Thank Dog I am away from that shit. I would have offed myself if I had stuck around any longer. There needs to be a phone number or a chat group people can call/join, like 1-888-BETS-OFF (for gamblers) for those who are “hooked” (with no escape) to the social media train that is dismantling society Tweet by Tweet.nnDamn, fxxx that noise!

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