I slept for four hours, and then I woke up and had plain vanilla yogurt, as I am still off solid foods at this hour. This afternoon I might indulge in some regular/solid foods. Depends on a few factors, but I think I should be ok to do so. And it is also worth noting that I have only had four Tylenol in the past 24 hours, one dose shortly after de-gauzing the tooth socket, and one dose last night. Not too much swelling with it, and very little pain. Of course, I may just be making a comparison of the prior pain to this general (mild) soreness, and I will take this soreness over acute tooth pain any day of the week.

So, things are well

No plans for today. We got a good covering of snow here (much more than a dusting), and it is 23 degrees outside. I think a lot of what's on the ground is freezing rain and snow, so kind of like "thick sleet", in a way. It looks really cool, but I am "over" snow for this season, for sure. It is supposed to be warm again within a week, anyway, so awesome!

Also, I don't know if I mentioned that in the 10 or so minutes we were waiting for the local antisthetic (sp?) to kick in at the dental office, the dentist offered to clean up my front teeth (on the top row) with a buffer to remove some of the tobacco/coffee stains on them, and now they do not look half bad. He didn't charge my insurance for it, and we were just killing time, so he used a series of three different "buffers", and the stains seemed to have come right off :) I know the stains were mostly from a tobacco pipe, and less from coffee, and he even asked if I smoked a tobacco pipe, which I confirmed that I did, and he said he had the same issue because he, too, smoked a tobacco pipe at one time, and it caused the same type of issue. Anyway, glad to be looking dapper again.

I might try to have some more coffee. It's more or less a luke warm, slow sipping affair, but worth it.

back soon