The estate pipe *is* arriving in the mail today! Informed Delivery said that it would arrive tomorrow, but I had a “hinkering” that it would get here today, and it is! :)nnSo, I will receive the 70s-era Weber pipe (the seller on Etsy can’t date it exactly, but he knows it is either 70s or 80s, so I will go ahead and say 70s ;)) and as soon as I unbox it, examine it, determine IF I like it (I likely will), then I will message the seller and let him know my thoughts, and leave a corresponding review thereafter. I will NOT be smoking any tobacco out of it today, because I have no pipe tobacco (just a few packs of cigarettes), but as soon as my pipe tobacco arrives in the mail Friday (or maybe Thursday!), then I will break it in, and see how it smokes.nnAlso, I decided that will a good chunk of my June monies I will be ordering ALL of the tobacco + tobacco accessories items that I have on the [Taking stock]( list. That is Section. 2, and it has quite a few items, a few of which are in this TobaccoPipes(.com) order, but the “big” one was this pipe (which is from Etsy). I did the June budget in detail last night, and I can “knock out” that section of the list just fine, with monies leftover. So I will do that. That leaves Section. 1 (bulk food items), and Section. 3 (pts A and B – household goods/hygiene) left to take care of, and those items will come together over time, but HOPEFULLY I can get those purchased in their entirety in July.nnSo, good deal!nnAs for this morning, I just finished coffee. Woke up around 4:45, and it is 5:17 now, and I will continue on with the sunrise. Though, it will be overcast today, and rain in the AM, thunderstorms in the afternoon. It’s whatever.nnback soon

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