The last of the Folgers instant. And it is essentially Folgers instant espresso, as I just poured what was left at the bottom of the jar into the mug before pouring in the hot water. Gonna be very bold. But right now it is very hot, so, cooling.

retreat to my interests/hobbies

I tend to have a view of the world of: "the world is burning, people can do the right thing, but oftentimes don't, while others still don't know the difference - so, just focus on ME and my MY things, so I don't have to care much about the Big Out There(TM)"

So this is what I do, mostly. I smoke a pipe, listen to good music, get some music gear now and again, write a lot (journal), sometimes write music, drink a bunch of coffee, and keep myself to myself. It's simple and easy this way - and the subjects of days gone by (quite some years ago), of: "social activism" or "activist vs slacktivist" or "democrat vs republican" or "upper vs lower class", etc. - they all mean next to nothing to me now.

Afterall, I am nearly 40 years old, so I have some responsibility to be tending the light OF responsible actions/responsibility in modern society. Same can be said for all those 40 and above, as well, but when I hit 35, I felt I had some sort of "standard" I was suppose to set in both attitude and action(s). Mainly through abstaining from the (very immature) social network crowd, and most especially places like Twitter and Reddit (barely ever used the latter), because how can someone just "rip on" people when they are at this age? It's not like some awesome pasttime that must be upheld, it's fxxxing trash behavior, regardless of if that person ends up getting called out on it or not.

So, I don't know, I sort of feel like I'm supposed to "walk the walk" in a way. And the example I would want to set (for anyone, but most especially for myself - because I have to live with myself at the end of the day), is to be a person that just partakes in my best interests (and those around me, as well). Does things I like to do, that bring me joy, and for the most part just helps me "get through" this oddball world we all live in.

There's an element of self-discipline (and integrity, and dignity) that go along with the approach of: live with a standard, stick to principles, express yourself and be who you are, and don't worry about "fitting a bill". And it could be (yet) another reason certain elements of (blind) ambition have tapered off in the past decade - I don't wish to be like anyone else. I'm fairly motivated to "do my thing", and get through the days ahead, and remain positive, and optimistic (for myself and those around me), but I don't need to fall into some envy trap or give in to vanity every day, just waiting for an opportunity to arise where I have some "just right" thing to say, or the "just right" photo to post, or anything like that. I don't even care if people see/read what I do/say - it's (mostly) written, said, posted, shared out of a form of self-interest. It is probably some form of insular selfishness, but that's how it is, because that is how I get through.

back soon