I don't know what to write, yet I have an urge to write, so I do write.

Listening to Mayhem's Deathcrush demo, because I haven't listened to it in a couple months. Pretty chaotic/raw music, but it sounds a lot better than the umpteenth melodic Black Metal band to come out of...wherever, which is what seems to be the majority of Black Metal these days. At least the ones that succumb to the streaming services, that is. But some just stay raw (and perhaps even amateurish, lo-fi) and release stuff on their own, and tend to just avoid streaming altogether, because streaming isn't gonna make anyone rich anyway, so why would they bother? And that goes for any/every genre - unless you're Taylor Swift or Beyonce (who in all likelihood get gratuitous royalties up-front anyway), then don't expect a streaming payout to add up to much more than a utility bill payment.

Anyway, neither here nor there. My opinion is neither here nor there that is - as where the streaming monopolies are HERE (and to stay!). Not that it matters, as most people do not even own a device they can "openly" listen to music on - it's all segregated to a smartphone + headphones, so, whatever their choice of music is, it is their choice, and no one else is aware of their choice(s), nor cares. "Sharing" music means "listen to this playlist from this link - on your own, on your own time, when no one else can hear it".

Fun, right?

Experiences, shared ones, are drying up more and more in the modern world. And perhaps people are generally apprehensive about sharing an experience if it can be avoided? Maybe they're not? Maybe it's just a thing that everyone has to deal with or get over (like anxiety, itself). Or, perhaps they are optimists and actually value and enjoy "doing a thing", or "going to a place", or "hearing a song" with someone other than their own damn self?

But the technology that enables experiences (that also involve the tangible, physical world) are becoming more and more obsolete as time goes on. Someday, we can all just stay inside of pods all day and consume everything. Just "Metaverse" into a place, another country, a concert, whatever - completely devoid of all human contact and energy - just "technically" hear the music, see the artist, see the sunset, etc. It's safer that way, and less laws would be broken, and whoever has the intent of making money off that person, or people, can keep tabs on them (and show them advertisements).

Sounds shitty. And I am not wholeheartedly saying we are going in that direction, but the fact that this (fictional) scenario is even a fathomable concept is fairly gross, to me.

So, anyway, IDK where I am going with this ramble, or if it went somewhere without me trying, but, back to some more Black Metal, I guess.