yea, hey - intentional writing

The day has flown by. Schnucks jaunts, walks for the sake of sheer exercise, a couple visits with Neighbor "S", coffee consumed - not bad.

Balding - I'm feeling more and more privvy (aware) to the receding hairline on my frontal scalp (is that a term?). I mean, the hair has always been "back", but it seems more "bald-y" looking now, as though it went back further. Ever notice that with guys - when they are not quite bald, but they still classify as "bald", because the hairline has gone back far enough to be like: "yea, it ain't 'all there'"?

I feel I am in this position now. And yes, my mother's Father ("T", whom I'm named after) was balding significantly as I knew him when I was a child, and he was nearly totally bald when he passed away at the age of 84. And they say people inherit the hair portion of their genetics from their mother's bloodline, so, I am likely to go bald. Which is good.

I always liked the appearance of bald. Clean cut. No fuss. Always the same "do" all the time. Shave the sides/back down to a "1", and nothing else to worry about.


Just had one of those moments like, "what is this shit I am doing at this point right now?" I just wrote 150+ words on a website about how I am likely balding, and likely to go bald?

That's my life - hammering out stuff that is pertinent/interesting to me, mostly me, as I have no idea how many others come across this site, and then put it online, and move along.

Pros and Cons to that, but I stopped caring what comes of what forever ago, so, we shall continue.

I'll put on some music. Do other things for a while.


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