I had the shoestring fry supper, and then fetched a pop from the vending machine, and am now heating water for coffee.

Aaaand now drinking coffee.

I published but one blog post on here today, even though I wrote like five, because I am slightly scatter-brained from the activities of the day (hearing a dog whine for three hours and being pissed about it). But, I am having coffee now, and have been home a while, so I am A-OK.

No idea what to write about at the moment. So words can just flow like water, I suppose. Or not, I have no idea. The coffee is quite good, though. It is a GIANT container of Taster's Choice from Costco, and it should definitely last me a while. I like TC a good deal, because it is more of a brown-colored "roast" (even though it is crystals (instant)), and when I do a triple-scoop in a mug, it sort of forms a "foam" at the top of the mug, and it is rich is caffeine and flavor. Good stuff!

Thing still seem a bit catywompus, though (a word from Appalachia that picked up some time ago), as it seems there is the "pre-sick" life (before the back injury, and the tooth infection/extraction, and the viral infection) and now the "post-sick" life (which I am in right now, which is much better, and mood is better, and everything seems to be OK). But it is taking a little bit of time to get "back in the groove" of things, I suppose. Kind of in a good way, though. So I am not complaining.

Still no idea when I will be back to doing web dev and stuff like that. I mean, things can and will be better once WiFi is in the apartment (less tethering hassle, I suppose). I presume that I will jump back into dev activities in short order, but no immediate plans for that now. Just kind of playing it by ear.

Anyway, the coffee is nice. Gonna find some stuffs online to read.

back soon