The last entry was very short, so I will attempt a longer bit of writing now.

My generation is so un-hip, I swear. I mean, maybe it is just aging in general that makes a person "un-hip", but my generation is certainly in the dawn of their "un-hip years". So many people (blogs) I follow online, as well as people I know IRL, are very pre-occupied with things like daytrading, cryptocurrency (sometimes NFT's and "Web3"), and the majority of them (likely all of them) have Twitter accounts and likely sound off on that platform about anything/everything people are supposed to get mad about. It's just "old men yelling at the newspaper", but in 2022.

And of course there is a fair about of political rants and whining mixed in to that whole scenario.

And of course a significant world event happened, so they have stuff to say about that, too - Russia attacked Ukraine so out comes a laundry list of reasons why it's bad, how they feel about such an event, and of course that is just intertwined with blog entries about how to use digital cash for .JPG's and other pithy quips about the Linux operating system (and usually how great it is!).

And I can't unequivocally say that all people in "my generation" are "un-hip", and to be honest, I feel that my generation is partially split between the old/pre-Internet generation and the young/constantly connected generation. But most people who fall into the category of having a birth year before the late-1990s, probably exhibit some form of "un-coolness" to them at this point. And such traits are only magnified when their primary concern(s) revolve around how much money they can make in a day, who's paying what for such and such Internet image (or NFT), and putting forward a pithy opinion about what country is doing to some other country.

And all of this is fine (the "un-hipness" of this crowd), and I am the one who reads this shit, see this shit, watches this shit, observes this shit, so I shouldn't pretend to be on some high horse about the matter. But, whatever cool is, or was, or whatever - it has next to nothing to do with this gen any longer.