I write sometimes 10 times a day. I mean, I write (on average) 3-4 times a day (and all the writing gets put on the blog), but sometimes it turns into a 10+ post type of day…day.nnThis is one of those days, I suppose.nnI literally write until I can’t think of anything else to write/care about.nnBut I suppose I am in this “not caring” disposition most of the time, anyway. I just “don’t find interest” in *most* things to the extent that I deem them “blogworthy”.nnAnd I am not saying on the 10+ posts day days that things ARE more blogworthy, it is just that I am just loose as a goose, and don’t care what I end up publishing.nnSo it gets donennAnd in all actuality, I want to have *something* to read online. This day is a complete ghost town in terms of online activity. A few daily bloggos got in their licks in the evening (Thank Blog!), and I cruised a couple Mastodon updates from a few folks I “follow” on there (meaning I sub via RSS, I am not ON Mastodon).nnSo, I amuse myself by doing just that – amusing MYSELF!nnCan writing (journaling) be a form of entertainment? I mean, I guess it always is. Why else would I do it at all? I would have to entertain/amuse myself to even WANT to do it to begin with, so I suppose I am sort of “fidget-spinning” my life away through text.nnGreat thing about fidget-spinning, if you take it seriously, there’s no hope. LOL!nnback later

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