It’s late Sunday night, with medium-cool/medium-warm pre-Spring weather, and with the AC running, as well as the floor fan, and the sliding glass door cracked open *just* a bit, I fill the living room with the gentle ambiance of VA/Per pipe tobacco out of the churchwarden tobacco pipe. Not exactly an aromatic tobacco blend, but it still smells fairly nice (to me), but of course the reason I am going with this blend is because of the amount of Perique in it, which is high in nicotine, and that is satisfying. I also have a couple of aromatic blends I could dive into, and make the entire apartment smell like toasted potpourri, or perhaps baked vanilla, or toasted cherries, but I am not diving into those tonight just yet, as I am not in the mood.nnTo be honest, I am kind of dealing with a bit of indigestion, because having this triple-scoop (another one) cup of coffee doesn’t sit well with the grilled cheese I had earlier. So, I slammed some water to see if that would help. I hope it does.nnBut anyway, I am sort of in the mood for obscure old Rock and Roll this evening. Or maybe just obscure music in general. I know I am going to put on some tunes in a little while here, but no clue what genre/era it will be. I know when I do so, I will want to sit back in the chair in the living room and zone out when I listen, but as of lately, the chair in there tends to give me a small kink in my back whenever I sit in it. I have to either sit in the rigid blue chair that I use at either desk (same chair that I move from room to room (for now)), or the edge of the bed. The living room chair is not an option right now :/ No clue if it is just worn out (it is only a year and a half old) or just wasn’t that great of a chair to begin with and I am just now noticing, or what, but, it is slightly painful to sit in.nn[ *3 minutes later* ]nnNot to be gross, but I just got sick in the bathroom. Bad combination of food and beverage, I suppose. Sucks, for sure, but I feel a lot better now. nnSo, I will carry on with the night, write more stuff later.nnback later

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