I've been low key fascinated with the idea of going back to analog writing (writing in a notebook, or physical journaling). I mean, I just love, Love, LOVE writing in an online journal (this blog!), and obviously that will continue, but writing in an analog format (which I used to call an "offline format", but I do not call it that anymore, because not everything has to be compared to doing this ONLINE or that OFFLINE) was something I truly enjoyed at one point. I had 225 pages of typed journals that I typed on a typewriter (that I called "The Typeweriter Papers Vol. 1-3" (75 pages each)) that I ended up just flipping over the pages and writing journals via handwriting on the back of those pages. That was in late-2015/early-2016, and I don't know why I went that route for a while (other than Tumblr was dead to me due to a number of issues/bugs it had, and I also was starting to resent Twitter, and writing in a digital journal felt odd/foreign to me (though, I did fill up X amount of "pages" in "The BlackBerry Diaries" that were written on a BlackBerry Classic that I had at the time - weird times)).

So, online journals "make sense" to me, and so does writing on paper, but digital journaling w/o the Internet seems/feels weird - like something crucial is missing. Like I am not "done" with it until I "publish" it. And when it comes to handwritten journals, everything is much more of a flow of the day, more ephemeral, I don't have to open the laptop, launch Firefox, do XYZ steps - because when it is just pen and paper, I can just write away as long as I am sitting at a desk/table. No "end" in sight. No "completion" - just a vague "beginning", and then a tapering off until the next bit of writing starts again.

So, I should buy some notebooks. Or something.

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