So, I started writing about a possible writing rig I would like to build. Expecting the post to be around 500 words, and it turned into 1,200 words (and even has a photo!).nn[Here is that post (from tmo.name)](https://tmo.name/writing-and-a-hypothetical-writing-setup/)nnThe post was initially inspired from my own post over on a small “sub” blog I set up today on W.a, [(sub)TMO](https://write.as/sub-tmo/some-thoughts-and-ideas-and-jots-for-this-blog), and I just sort of expanded on that idea/concept. The concept of having an always ready, go-to way to write throughout the day, that is.nnI think it took me around 45 minutes to complete the 1,200 entry, but it was fun, and I was able to hash out what I want to do, or at least get my head around what I want to do with this whole thing. I encourage anyone/everyone to check it out, because there is no way for me to summarize here :/nnAnyhow, I am having coffee now, and I am feeling pretty good. 10:19 PM, and my mind is slowly but surely drifting onto the subject of development. Not just “web dev”, but Computer Science in general. I was entertaining the idea of (eventually) buying the stuff I need for this home writing rig, and perhaps just getting a sort of standard 9×11 or 10×12 **vertical** CRT monitor (which would likely have to be salvaged from an old tabletop arcade game), as well as what the possibilities are in terms of a *capable* circuit board, and a half dozen other things I will not talk about right now. A lot of notes can/will be taken soon.nnRight now I just want to enjoy coffee. LOL!nnAnyway, proud of that little write-up :)nnback soon

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