I put the desk back in the bedroom, where it "belongs", in front of the window, and I much prefer it here than in the living room. Besides, the living room/kitchen already has a desk/island, so...

So, whenever the Wyze floorlamp gets here, I will set it up in the corner of the room here, and just keep it on a relatively high setting, and just sort of keep this whole half of the apartment well-lit. I can already tell that when I put the light on this carpet, it will look even more gnarly, and I am already aware that it needs a good vacuuming (as well as the living room), so, I am going to get a vacuum someday, but who tf knows when that day will be? Or hell, I may just borrow a Dyson from a family member in the coming weeks, and get my place cleaned up real fast that way (this is the more likely solution).

But, the "writer's nook" is looking good. The apartment is looking good, and I am keeping things "under control" in terms of purchasing anymore stuff (be it furniture, components, or whatever) for the apartment. I think that 2021 was more or less a "fluke" year where I bought this thing for here and that thing for there, etc., and everything just got out of control in terms of "non-minimalism" (if there were such a thing).

Anyway, just thought I would hammer some text while I wait for the mail to show up (which will be soon).

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