Glad I have a case of this today - the inability to write cohesive words, make things make sense.

Not necessarily for this journal, but shortform self-reminders and whatnot - my brain is fried.

Probably induced from 10+ years of "status anxiety", or "publishing pause" - where I am trying to think/write the Next Great Hot Take of the Year(TM), and I freeze up, and forget how words work, and I ended up sending out something entirely illegible.

I kind of thought I kicked any type of "writer-lexia", but I've been trying to jot down a handful of reminders after returning back from a few tasks this morning, and I honestly do not know how to write a 100-ish character entry (to myself) that I could go back to and comprehend.

Fuck it, I wrote gibberish as far as I can tell

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