I started my morning with music, as I had told my friend Mike that I would start my morning with music sometime soon, because he says he does so sometimes and enjoys it. I am usually a night time listener, but music in the morning sounded nice. So I did so this morning. Some Aretha Franklin, some Elvis Costello, etc. – it was nice. Increasing this enjoyment was the coolish air coming through the sliding glass door, with wind and rain in the air, and lightening throughout the sky. And hot instant coffee in the mug :)nnI wrote different/other stuff about the music a moment ago, too, but it got deleted because I became frustrated when I realized that the MQA setting on the Tidal was *again* not rendering the music properly (skips, and sometimes the song didn’t load at all). Frustrating when I opted for the $20 per mo “HiFi” tier on Tidal this month. Next month (and from now on) I will simply pay for the $10 per month plan, because if the music won’t load half the time, there is categorically no point in paying for a “higher quality” plan.nnThen, a quick time-out to brush my teeth (and tongue!) because the coffee was prepared too boldly, and dried my mouth out like a desert. I *did* finish the java, though, and am up and at ’em, so to speak.nnWhen the rain stops, I will head to Schnucks. Get fruit for the day.nnback soon

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