Around 5:30 I will walk to Schnucks, again. There are a few miscellany items I need (foodwise) to see me through the evening, and I am being more conscious as to NOT buy anything with sodium (or, *high* sodium). Last night, for example, I was checking the sodium levels on a thing of ramen noodles (which I make vegetarian style, with soy sauce (which I imagine is the same level as if I used the flavor packet (which I do not))), and the sodium level was at **660 mg**! Damn! The instant mashed potatoes that I chose, instead, were at 20mg sodium. Not too bad. So, suffice it to say, I will be avoiding ramen noodles, Ichiban noodles (“fancy” ramen noodles), potato chips (not a big fan of those, anyway), or anything salty.nnAnyway, I will find some grub to get me through the night, and I will leave here shortly (it is 5:12 right now).nnIt’s overcast, breezy, 70 degrees. Not bad.nnback soon

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