I finished up laundry, showered, changed clothes, and did NOT make the trip to BP, because I am giving my left heel (still blistered) some rest time before another trek to/from anywhere. Especially after a shower when the skin is damp and more prone to ripping/popping. I have enough cigs for the night, I think, so I will walk to BP early in the AM and get smokes then.

I am feeling A-OK this evening :)

I also paid close attention to my phone and waited for a phone call from my (former?) caseworker to see if she came through in the clutch and managed to call me, when she has already had not one, but TWO reminders from someone higher up than her within that organization (someone who is not her boss, but her bosse's boss - because her bosse's boss happens to be my old counselor from the mid-2000's, who has since ambitiously climbed the corporate ladder at this organization and is now a (what I consider) a relatively "higher up" at this org). Either way, my (current?) caseworker is (as mentioned) flaky as shit, and I doubt I will hear from her at all. Unfortunately.

Anyway, the night is nice. I am about to open up the sliding glass door and turn OFF the AC, as the night air is nice. I also have the floor fan running, and that adds to the ambiance of the room.

back soon