If anyone gets a chance to pick up some Folgers Noir "Golden Dusk" instant coffee, do so! This stuff is smoky, and rich, and absolutely delicious. Gonna be hard to go back to Folgers regular after this, I think.

I almost feel as if this could be a blog post draft that I easily delete - it's going nowhere, and I don't "force" blog posts anymore, because what is the point. But maybe something can come of this written meandering? IDK.

Nope. Not really happening, haha. I put on the song "Mercy" by Muse a second ago, because I was in the mood to hear it, and this writing is bunk, so I will wrap it up, I suppose.

It's weird - sometimes I just want to do anything but write, but I usually (by default) open up the editor because nothing else is happening anywhere on the Internet. It's the "small web" for me at this point in time, for sure. No socials to feed me 24/7, and only the small, sane, time-reclaiming moments of "in between" moments where content is not being published, or shared, or whatever. There's a lot of blog posts that I see throughout the day (usually), but never in a continual "flow". This is of course good. But I used to try to fill that time by opening an editor and writing something, and I should just do something else, sometimes.

back soon