Lol, I am seeing so many nice, positive, optimistic, interesting posts on R.w.a, and then you scroll down and see an entry from me about recollecting decade-old nightmares. LMAO! I’m such a schlub sometimes :PnnAnyhow, it is Sunday, the sun is shining, neighbors are in the courtyard BBQ’ing, I did a fast walk to Schnucks to get Diet Pepsi (because this morning I (on a whim) bought Ginger Ale – why? IDK), the AC is blasting, people are all over the apartment complex property – coming and going to/from the pool, BBQ’ing, and a new set of neighbors moving in. So, a fine and dandy little afternoon :)nnHell, I am even thinking of rigging my MacBook to my TV and streaming a playlist of **The 8-Bit Guy**, or **Perrifractic** (or Retro Recipes, or whatever the hell that guy named his channel). Anyway, I (as usual) am sort of in the mood for some retro computing/gaming content, because it is Oldertainment (entertainment that old(er) people tend to enjoy – and I am an old(er) person).nnJust a day, though. The night will be nice, too. And I will likely venture onto the balcony around nightfall (and likely before) to enjoy the fresh air. Buh-bye Winter, I wish it’d stay gone forever.nnHope everyone is well and is staying safennback later

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