So, I’m looking through BS on YouTube, and I had nothing particularly amusing happening throughout the night, and I saw a video from The Guardian of Will Smith smacking Chris Rock across the face at The Oscars. Like, Chris Rock made a snide joke about Will Smith’s wife, and Smith walked up on stage and struck Chris Rock.nnIt was definitely a change of pace for *my* night, because nothing eventful was occurring in the evening, and I was actually fairly bored out of my mind ([as I sort of talked about here](, and of course I do not, can not, and will not condone any type of violence – big or small – but it was “a thing that happened” that left me sort of in shock.nnRare to go from intrinsic boredom to utter shock in five minutes.nnBut, of course I wish it had not happened. nnSomething weird about it though, was how damn *cordial* and *polite* the thing seemed to be. I mean, Smith *hit* Rock, but leading up to, and after, it happened, I just couldn’t “pinch myself” hard enough to believe: “did that *actually* happen?” Bizarre. Bizarre and bad, and just…incredibly surreal.nnBack later.

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