Wow. Emojis. How enormously valuable!

I'm not one to harp on Web 3, or NFT's, or even cryptocurrencies (even though the latter is disastrously dangerous to the Earth's ecology (you know, that thing the rest of the world cares about?)). But, sometimes I toss in two cents, because things (online) tend to get "carried away" (hyped) into the stratosphere, and I just like to "head check" myself through outward/written form, to see what to make of any of it. Because speaking above my breath in regards to these things IRL tends to get me sideways stares and apathetic responses.

So, I follow this (pretty cool) daily blog called, and the dude who runs it is enormously talented/dedicated to his craft, and he started a thing called PromptBase, which, if I am understanding it correctly, a DALL-E (name of the co, I guess?) AI...thing will generate an image from text - so, tell it you want an image of a dog wearing a red hat and a yellow collar, and this AI software makes it happen. Magic, eh?


But PromptBase, what it is, is a marketplace for people to list and sell their results from having prompted this AI software to "make an image from text", essentially.

So, an NFT store, all in all.


Now, I or you, the end customer of PB, we go ahead and just buy these images. These small icons, or emojis, really. Maybe IRL money, maybe resource sucking cryptocurrency, maybe some shiny new VC-backed phoney shitcoin - whatever. Just take something of either value or implied value and buy these icon things.

Then, you'll have an icon. See? Isn't that great?

I'm being fascetious, and I am not entirely sure the Real World(TM) tangible purpose behind any of this is, but it is amusing to think what some of the Internet's "better" developers decide to go balls deep into, instead of making software/hardware that can...DO something in the "meat space" world.

It's all a smokescreen of some sort (now I am sounding conspiratorial ::sad::), and likely NONE of the NFT/Web 3/crypto bullshit will pan out to be anything other than a short-term method of getting a pocketful of connected VC's uber "crypto rich" for a shortwhile, and their scam monies and SSD's full of emoji assets and blockchain backups will fall short to lead to anything other than: the (strained, broke, naive) poor crowd in the online space just that, poorer. The Earth's atmosphere even that much more polluted. And multitudes of developer's time/energy siphoned away to make a useless buck, instead of putting out something that can be of value to themselves or the world.

Two cents, deposited.

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