I knew it was getting colder in the coming weeks, but not that cold. I shouldn't be surprised though, it is late-January, so it is always this cold this time of year. It is what it is, though. Definitely glad I got a hike in yesterday and didn't put anything off until the STLWX got good again, because it will likely be this cold for a good deal longer.

Anyway, I am awake now, so I am making coffee, and will likely be up for a little bit. Gonna do everything in my power to pick up some Bic lighters tomorrow, which means just biting the bullet and paying $2 for a single lighter from BP, because I am not walking to Schnucks in this weather, haha.

Today also marks three years since my Father passed away, a day I will not forget. Mostly because it was a day that was out-of-the-blue, yet, a long time coming. Some say that when one "passes away" that it means that they actually die, but many (such as myself) believe that "passing away" is something one does (or could do) well before dying. My dad had (for the most part) passed away a couple years before he was actually deceased. Bad health, no exercise, no (good) diet - all lead him to having multiple ailments and a lifeless life. I am glad his pain is over. That's all I'll say on that.

So, on another note, the coffee is tasty. The day is young. The heater just now (finally) kicked on (which is must do every 20 minutes or so during temps like these). And I am wired with caffeine, haha.

I got an e-mail early yesterday AM (which I just glanced over, because I was heading out the door) about how I can now do day trading on the Revolut app (similar to Robin Hood, I would imagine), so that is something. I wouldn't mind doing day trading in the future, but I hear it can be very addictive (like legalized gambling), so I am hesitant. I also don't want to have to get into "news" again to see what's worth buying/selling and reading /r/wallstreetbets (I think is the subreddit?) on a daily basis. Or reading any of Reddit at all if I can avoid it! LOL! Trading stocks and investing used to be such a red-taped activity, though - one had to hire a broker, pay broker fees, read books and books and books on the subject (of trading) to know what the hell they were doing and paying out the nose for the privilege of DOING it - but now, it's as simple as getting an app and buying penny stocks. There's a lot more complexity to that, depending on what you get into - but, a lot of trading/investing can be simple as "buy a thing, and don't sell that thing until it is worth more than what you initially bought it for", easy as that.

I'm an obsessive person though, and I have an addictive personality (similar to my Grandfather (whom I'm named after (a good guy, but an avid gambler))), so I could see myself getting "carried away" with trading/investing, and just making a damn lifestyle out of it. I wouldn't want to be in that position, I don't think. So I would have to either pace myself consciously, or not do that particular activity (trading) at all. I'll probably just stick to junk silver.

Back soon