I was sitting here a bit ago, with coffee, and thinking (two cups in) about how idol worship is essentially self-oppression. Most people know this (or at least subconsciously know it), but it’s all I can think of at the moment, so I will hammer some words about it.nnIt’s been a hot minute since I had any idols in life. Be it celebrities, online personalities, or whatever – everyone is the same eating, sleeping, breathing, shitting lifeforms of Earth no matter which way you split it – and unless someone knows me, has corresponded with me, or even better yet, has genuine mutual *chemistry* with me (AKA, getting along as friends) – then if none of those things apply to both *me* and those people/that person, then I am not about to go out on a ring kissing mission to win over some famous/quasi-popular person for the sake of their approval at the cost of my own self dignity.nnI get that people have egos. And I also know (after the last U.S. administration, for example), that some people *cannot* quench the thirst for their own congratulatory narcissism, and need to be reminded 24/7 of their own greatness. It’s a disease, some suffer from it, most are ignorant of it’s aspects (myself included), but those who suffer from it (narcissism/egomania) are, in fact, suffering to a fair extent, and (probably) need some form of psychiatric help.nnBut life isn’t about who suffers with what – it’s the people who **wish to suffer** from such a condition, or think egomania is “a nice problem to have”, and will step over their dead grandmother’s grave to lick the boots of those who DO have this condition – it’s folks of that ilk that make me sick.nnUnfortunately, the entirety of civilization (as I see it), seems to fall into one of two camps: the idolized, or the idolizers (which isn’t a word, I realize). There are (few) exceptions, but *many* folks need/want someone to look up to, or need/want to BE looked up to. Two camps.nnSome have said in the past, that most people dislike a/the “hive mind”, or the “zeitgeist”, or what have you because it magnifies the shortcomings of human character. Instead of passively **highlighting** human traits (that are usually good/positive).nnExample: a **magnification of a shortcoming of human character** would be everyone “ganging up” or “ostracizing” a person for *this* action, or *that* view, or whatever. It’s a group think mentality, and there are probably some evolutionary impulses behind it all, but I am no psychologist.nnBut, an example of a **highlight of a human trait** would be a small good deed, or a selfless act, or a kind word. Or also, kindness.nnHowever, falling into *either* camp of being *idolized*, or *idolizing* negates one from fully realizing their own ability to be kind. At least this is how I see it. nnIt’s why haters are prevalent, why trolls win elections, and why America lost it’s way for such a long time.nn**So, what’s the long/short of all this?**nnI suppose what I am getting around to saying is, the more people go out on a limb to “win over” someone who CANNOT be won over – the thirst, desperation, or/and need for approval from a *specific* person/group of people – the worse BOTH parties are for themself, those around them, and society as a whole (I’d be so bold to say).nnThose are my two cents on the subjectnnHave a nice day 🙂

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