Second cup of coffee today. Woke up roughly a half hour ago. I went back to sleep after waking up at 3-something. So I slept ok, overall.nnMy mind is on something, which I will go ahead and address, though it is not a “big” concern at the moment – and that is the mild pain (kind of a soreness) in my lower left midriff. Has a soreness similar to that of the viral infection I had earlier this year (which was very unpleasant), but this is A) more mild (and therefore a bit more tolerable), B) consistent in “intensity” of soreness (not terribly bad, but just something I notice when I am sitting still), and C) an ongoing soreness (I do not have a Primary Care appointment until August, and I may address it before then, get the appointment moved up, but I have been “letting it ride” (seeing what happens) until then, thinking it might go away).nnThe pain seems to be “here to stay”, in a way, because if it *were* a viral infection, it would have passed by now (it has been close to two months with the pain). I know it is not the liver (other side of the body), and likely not the kidney (no trouble passing urine and no kidney stones (+ my kidney functions were at a good (high-functioning) level the last time I did bloodwork). I am not sure what it could be, as it is not muscular, and not “on the surface” – it is something with the organ(s). But, I am not going to do ANY research on the Internet for what it is/could be, because I did that shit with the viral infection I had, and I thought I had a dog gone hernia, and that made me paranoid as fxxx, and…the Internet is not the place to go for medical advice. Ever. I will see a doctor.nnSo, I will message my medical provider through the MyChart app on my phone, and see what they say/think. I may be able to see a Nurse Practitioner before August, or I hope I can. And I will go from there.nnAnyway, coffee is good. Morning is drizzly, overcast. Not bad.nnback soon

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