Made coffee for the afternoon. A rainy, early-Spring afternoon, where the clouds have been opened up non-stop throughout the day. It let up briefly earlier, and I walked to Schnucks, but aside from that, it’s been pouring.nnI started this journal entry on olry.co a bit ago, but just copy/pasted the previous paragraph onto W.a, because I feel I can write better/smoother on W.a than on Ghost blogging software.nnJournaling is *hard*. Or, it *can be* hard – it takes a lot out of me when I do not have the words to say, or when I have ideas/concepts that I am not able to articulate properly. I wrote a post on olry.co yesterday that I titled “coffee for the eve” (which I will not link to, as I do not want to be accused of building backlinks (which I would never do anyway)), that took four or five drafts to put into actual words.nnSometimes I have to just “go with it” and write random shit that is on the front of my mind – jotting down what I think in the best way that I know how.nnIt’s better when I know *precisely* what I want to say, and then only have to concern myself with *how* I will say (write) it.nnRefraining from writing altogether doesn’t really work, either, because then I have this uncomfortable “backlog” of thoughts in my mind, and I want to put them *somewhere* for *some* reason.nnOne thing will change, though: I will no longer “think *through* the writing”. Or, I will cease to try to do a type of “self-correspondence” (which I wrote about a lot in the past). And that is, where I write things almost like a conversation to myself, and then respond through the text – bouncing back and forth ideas and concepts. I’ll just write what I got, and move along. Easier. Better.nnI would say this – it’s better to NOT be writing-dependent. Or, it is better to not rely on *having* to put text to paper (or editor) on a multi-time a day basis, and to just go/get through life without any type of special “vice”. I already smoke cigarettes, that should be enough solace for me.nnSo, that’s all I got for now. Back soon.

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