I’ve talked about this a lot on this bloggo before, and you don’t need me to tell you (as Stephen King talks about it a fair deal in his book *On Writing*) the simple fact of: reading more leads to writing better.nnI don’t read a whole lot (right now) beyond a handful of blogs (the ones that *do* get updated on the regular), but I am buying a few hardcover (or paperback) books in December because A) buying a lot of books at once mean they are there *to* be read, and therefore I am more likely to read them B) they will be calling/tempting me to read them when the inspiration to do so strikes (not unsimilar (word?) to A) C) it is the method I used to kick off my reading kick in 2016-2018: buy a boatload of books and once and then trudge through them, get into the habit of reading, and then just continue on with that. I was only interrupted from reading (regularly) when my father passed away in early-2019, and I regret “falling off the horse”. So, I need to get up again.nn**Will this make the writing on the blog better?**nnProbably. I don’t know. It’s a bunch of insular forms of self-correspondence and personal pondering for the time being – but, I could see by me being a more common reader that that quality of writing would improve here on **TMO**.nnLet’s hope so anyway

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