Shortest day of the year, from what I hear. It’s 4:55 now, and the sun is almost set, so, hello Winter.nnI cleaned up the kitchen a bit, but the apartment will *really* get cleaned up/overhauled tomorrow afternoon. At that time I will be doing laundry, as well as wiping down the entirety of the kitchen and bathroom with Clorox Wipes (which will be bought tomorrow), as well as a bit of light “decluttering” (not much to do there), and just straightening up everything, overall.nnBeen a hot minute since I have deep cleaned the apartment, and it needs it now more than ever. Especially the kitchen floors – filthy. In fact, I may dedicate *all* of tomorrow afternoon to cleaning the apartment, and do my laundry on Friday morning (6:00 AM), instead of battling for a washer/dryer on Thursday afternoon.nnI love cleaning. I don’t know why? Probably because I used to clean up my bedroom (and entire basement) when I was stoned as a teenager. I would just smoke herb on some random occasion, and then decide to retreat to the basement and deep clean the entirety of my bedroom and (furnished) basement. Like, I just liked BEING in a clean living space when I was high, lol! I am sure I am still like this now, but it’s been a hot minute since I’ve smoked herb – but I still love cleaning up my apartment nonetheless :)nnAnd I just remembered, I have to deep clean the refrigerator, too. There has been “gunk” and “sediment” building up on the bottom shelf of the unit for a while, and it needs to get dealt with ASAP. I may do that tonight, actually. With a simple rag and some water + hand sanitizer (as I don’t have Clorox Wipes, yet (same thing, almost)).nnGonna start on this now. Be back in a bit!

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