I am feeling a bit "abstain-y" tonight, or feeling slightly "re-committed" to my (core) principles of "fuck FOMO, do whatever I want to do (with my life)". And that is almost what the "FOMO" mindset transformed into after I left social media 2.5 years ago: the FEAR of MISSING OUT, became a good reminder that fear is just that - an unnecessary, unreal, burdensome delusion. And that I am not actually missing out on anything - just a subtle sensation (which was more pronounced towards the beginning) that I "could be" missing out on XYZ things. But, by using a social network, what am I "GETTING IN" on? A meme? A trending topic? A pithy troll thread where someone puts another person (an actual person) on public blast (ostracization) for having an opinion? And if I am missing out on those things, is it possible that I can go without that type of influence in my life? Turns out, I abslutely CAN!

So, just "reminding myself of my center", and sticking to my guns, so to speak. And yea, there is some existential-y "emptiness" there. As where I was once fulfilled and amused by social networks (namely Twitter from 2009-2013), that's all gone. And it won't get replaced, and it shouldn't get replaced, nor do I want it to be replaced, because that would simply be the onset of some other addictive activity. So when you hear people say "make X social network good again!", that is them responding to the fact that their brain (correctly, and in a healthy manner) sort of "re-routed" itself to NOT continually indulge in something as unhealthy as a feed, or numerous feeds. That dopamine swimming lesson has been concluded and the pool is closed - forever. It's probably a sub-conscious defense mechanism, and addictions oftentimes take years to complete the "re-routing" process - to sort of "fight off" the thing that plagues it. Nothing (in this regard) happens "abruptly", or "obviously", because people sometimes can (and do) just override the mental patterns and do the same shit over and over again no matter how miserable they become, and stay.

My advice? Get a life! And I mean that with the best intentions, of course. There's hella stuff that occurs in life that has nothing to do with any feed(s) whatsoever. And replacing whatever the hell with this social network alternative or that is unequivocally NOT "getting a life". Do you. Be happy. Choose freedom!

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