Now I am 100% sure this is a macOS issue (and not a PDAnet+ issue on Android) because I shut down the MBA, and when it restarted, WiFi connected OK.nnNo clue if it will be *good* or *stable* WiFi (yet), or if I will have to restart the damn laptop every time I want to get on the Internet, but, we will see.nnAnyway, I am having coffee (or *making* coffee) and have no special plans for the day, but determined to have a better day than yesterday, for sure. It was a productive day yesterday morning, but a shite one throughout the rest of it (mainly because of the leg re-injury). But, today will be better. I will do my best to register an SSH key with Github, and then that will be accomplished, and then I can move on to the next thing in the web dev world (whatever that thing may be).nnback later

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