I sincerely hate referring to myself in the third-person. I don’t know why I ever do it. I don’t even like signing e-mail messages “- TMO” (if the person doesn’t know who I am to begin with, that is). I even made a custom signature on Proton Mail to get around this that states (like the tagline on the **TMO** blog) “from the desk of TMO”.nnAll of it sounds narcissistic. Egocentric. Conceded, and flat out lame.nnIt’s one of the reasons (of many reasons, I suppose) I would never change my legal name to something else. Like saying “hey, I’m this phony character that pretends to be something I am not for XYZ purposes”. In the same vein as why I have never dyed my hair (other than the one time I bleached it white before attending the Vans Warped Tour concert(s) in St Louis – a genuine mistake (the dye job, not the concerts), because I felt like some shell entity that didn’t fit inside my own body).nnOnline, I just “go by” TMO, because it is my legal initials. That, and I also didn’t want to refer to myself by my full name, because A) the Internet is crazy, and B) I didn’t want to insinuate or come across as some person of relevance, as if to say, “I’m so and so – you *should* know my name – I’m a big fxxxing deal”. But at the same time (the time of the blog creation, and this blog too, I suppose), a goofy moniker like “/1337writer” seemed preposterous, too.nnSo, whatever. It is what it is.nnLife’s too short to spend time dealing with existential identity crisis, and also I just genuinely do not give a fxxx.nnback soon

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