I tend to think I started the daily blogs, the life log, the stream of consciousness, the ephemeral diaries, or the online journal not around but on October 1, 2014. And since I began writing out long(-ish), text-only entries about my life, they have seen the entries put in via a ratty MacBook Air on Tumblr from the mattress on the floor of my studio apartment in St Louis, to "mobile logs" via the Nexus 5 smartphone on the Metrolink platforms, Metrolink trains, coffee shops, bus stops, other random locations in/around the STL area, to iPad Air entries hammered out at my sister's house after therapy appointments when I was experiencing a near total mental meltdown, to continued "mobile logs" via BlackBerry Classic at the Pevely apartment, to entries put in via Raspberry Pi (on a different Tumblr) when I made the move from Jefferson County to South St Louis County, to entries put in via Kyocera Hydro View 2 "smart" phone when I was completely broke and could barely afford a Write.as Pro subscription, to other computers, other apartments, and now the new(ish) MacBook Air at my current incarnation of a residence at this apartment.

A lot of the same stuff, I am sure, but the writing has improved a fair deal, I am sure. And it's pretty weird to think that I have blogged nearly every day of my 30's. Writing has a way of healing, helping, entertaining, and killing time for the individual, and for that I am thankful. So, let's see where I write next :)