Here is a post from when I first moved to my current apartment complex (but a different apartment unit at the time). It is also from my old Tumblr (via 2016, and dating back to when I lived in Pevely, Missouri (the second time around), again, in 2016).

In the post you can see the entirety of the apartment layout. And there is an accompanying video (again, Tumblr) from a bit later when I had "a lot" of furniture.

In the photo set (first link), there is a Thermarest sleeping pad on the floor w/ pillow (my bed). A backpacking backpack in the wak-in closet (recreation). A chair in front of the desk/island (writing - via Anker BT keyboard on some smartphone, who knows what model?). And also a pillow up against the wall in the living room (a "couch" or "chair"). That was essentially it.

In the video (second link), I came back into possession of an old (VERY uncomfortable) futon (lumpy, terrible for my back), as well as a chaise chair (which I had up until about a year and a half ago when I paid to have it hauled away by the "Junk King").

All of this is probably too minimal, I would say. But I was just like that for a while. Nothing "bad" or wrong about it, just needed some new stuffs ;)

back soon