I figure I would write out what all I use for the **Thanx** Project, because I am plenty wired this morning and felt like writing about it, so that is what I am going to do.nnSo, I will divide it into two sections – local hardware and software:nn**local hardware**nnEasy, MBA 2020 (10th Gen Intel inside) with 256 SSD and 8GB RAM. Nothing too mythical but certainly gets the job done.nn**software**nn- Atom Editor (eventually, need to re-download it as I lost it for various reasons)nn- Homebrew (should a package manager be included in the stack? It’s just sort of *necessary* in this scenario, but, IDK)nn- Github (though it has yet to get much use, *my* Github is [here](https://github.com/olry))nn- Then a Linode(.com) VPS with Ubuntu 20.04 LTSnn- a LAMP stack (Linux (already mentioned), Apache, MySQL, PHP)nn- GoDaddy for the domain registrarnn- the default, built-in Terminal for macOSnn- I also do everything in Firefox, as Chrome kills Mac batteries, and Safari is silly – but when the **Thanx** Project is ready, everything will be tested on those three browsers accordinglynn- Standard Notes (*very* useful, for jotting down web dev resources, keeping to-do’s up to date, etc – my favorite app)nn…aaaand I think that is it. Everything is literally just done in PHP for the most part (and simple HTML/CSS/JS and whatnot).nnThings are incredibly simple right now, and they will stay that way for a while. But I am always learning new stuff πŸ™‚ nnBack laternn

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