There’s almost two groups on the Internet in 2021:nn- those who miss and yearn for Web1nn- those who embrace, and chase after Web3nnThere are similarities with *both* groups, because NEITHER want Web2 (which was dominated by monopolies (still is) and rife with (toxic) social media (still is)).nnSo, whatever anyone wants to call it, just use the Internet YOU want to use. Like RSS? Jump on that shit and subscribe to some bloggers (trust me, they’re there – everywhere, actually). Don’t like all your time/energy being siphoned away by social networks? Exercise self-control and stop using it. It’s easier to quit than you’d think (significantly easier after a few weeks, I’d say). Want to get defensive and wait for *everyone* else to do *everything* for you and change so you can follow the crowd (again)? OK. Be defensive, or offended. I don’t care. I’ll be fine.nnNot like anyone is *actually* using Web1 tech anymore, anyway. Not like Web3 is anything other than a crypto-based Ponzi scheme. So, just do what YOU want to do. Here and Now. But it *is* worth noting that no one is watching, no one is following, or keeping tabs, or cheerleading for you/me/anyone either way – individuals can do whatever the hell they want to do, so do whatever you prefer, find balance, be happy, choose life.nnThat’s all 🙂

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