I want to do web development, and so I do just that. I wanted to learn a lot about what I was wanting to accomplish (and still *will* accomplish, and *need* to accomplish), so I do just those things. And there have been better ideas had along the way, a lot of “side project” stuff that has come along, but, I know that whatever I dig myself into, I will *only* be able to dedicate myself to, find workarounds and fixes for, and genuinely *experience* the far corners of the web development world by focusing on ONE project – the **Thanx** Project. I am just like that, a one-track mind type of a person.nnSo, what I am saying is, the best way for me to do good at a thing, is to (hyper)focus on that thing. I mean, I *can* do this stuff on another site/project, but then *that* would consume my time and energy. nnAnd when it comes down to making other things (in the future), it is inevitable. But for now, **Thanx** is where it’s at, and I will stay the course.nnBack later

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