I was sitting here and thinking about ephemeral (and conversational) writing. A flow of words, thoughts, ideas, and (at times) human correspondence with others, all done through an egalitarian medium. And I thought about how I could (if I wanted to) make a Ghost blog with short(er)form updates to be posted on it, but then again, I don't ever just say or state or quip something in passing. Like, I want everything I put onto the internet to either be an informative (sometimes even heavily-detailed) update, or for it to be a "formal" blog post/journal entry, that is riddled with details and info that one could possibly help one "get to know me" better (even if the only thing that comes of it is that I get to know myself better).

And that's what this journal/blog is: a "flowing" type of ephemeral (and conversational) document (or series of documents), that tend to be rather "fleshed-out".

Plus, I've sorta already "been there, done that" with the "status update phase" of my life. No one cares about what I ate for lunch, or if coffee tastes good, or what a/the sunset looks like ON THEIR OWN - but, I include such details within a blog post, and there is more impression and digression from those particular events, opinions, details.


a status update: good coffee. Instant again. Too hot to sip.

result - who gives a fxxx?

a blog post: just got back from the store, and it was freezing outside! I definitely should have wore more layers! I got everything I need for vegetarian chili later on, but for now, coffee has been poured and it is nice and hot. To hot to sip, actually. But it is much needed (and earned!) after the mile walk in single-digit temps! And also...(cont...)

result - a body of text that is A) worth actually reading (instead of some neurological "spurt" of words), B) something that is informative and (perhaps?) interesting for the end-reader to read (not to mention fun/useful to write), and C) a legible, fleshed-out, and yes FULLY FORMED thought or SERIES OF MULTIPLE THOUGHTS.

So, to me, it seems foolish (and downright stupid) to hammer out some short blurb of XYZ letters, sentences, or (if I am lucky) short paragraphs just for the sake of instant communication. Because it is not like I am texting someone (or even a group of people) info that I can fully expect a reply to. As where if I were texting a friend/family member, I would keep the mesage under a sentence, usually. It's instant messaging - not "life story sharing". LOL!

Anyway, just saying ephemeral/conversational writing, (or any/all writing, really) is the only thing I am genuinely interested in with the Internet. For me, anyway. Other people can/do make videos or create video games, or do any number of activities online, which of course is totally fine, so long as I don't have to participate with any of it, haha.

Just sharing things worth sharing, is all :)

back soon