In reference to [this post](https://write.as/tmo/what-will-i-do), I did some techie shit for a little bit.nnI did the VPS setup song and dance (I already fired up the Linode VPS w/ Ubuntu 20.04 LTS some time ago) by doing these few things:nn- configured the domain “tmo.name” from GoDaddy over to Linode, did the FQDN thing with the `hosts` + `hostname` file, all that shitnn- then I put the LAMP stack on there (or “AMP stack, as the whole bit was *already* on “L”(inux))nn- then I did the bit with the CertBot certification for SSL, so now I have a nice little Apache splash page from https://tmo.namenn- then I created (for S&G’s) an “about” page on [tmo.name/about.html](https://tmo.name/about.html) with no “code” involved other than the basic `

` / `

` tagsnnand **Now** I am looking into what I am going to do in terms of writing the *actual* text editor, if I am to do [the lightest blog](https://olry.co/the-lightest-blog/) (which is definitely a priority of mine).nnI kinda want to write the editor in Go (or Golang), but I am not even 100% sure Go is the type of language I would use for such a task (I literally know *nothing* about Go, itself – just a lot of backstory and history with the team behind it (namely the dude from Bell Labs from back in the day and how all the oldheads who made Unix are “Go people” now)).nnIf I don’t write the (very basic) editor in Go, I would simply use a `textarea` in HTML, and connect that ish to the “Published” page via PHP (`GET` or `POST` method – whichever one makes more sense).nnAnd here are the tricky parts:nn- ensuring (regardless of the language I use) that the “Post Title” (the title of the blog post) is the *only* text that shows up in the URL slug (so, for example, “tmo.name/blog-post-title”, and NOT the blog post title and a bunch of other stuff I have written below it in the `textarea`).nn- the other tricky thing, will be to (somehow) have a running “list” on the Homepage of “tmo.name” (or the `index.html` file) that is a list of hyperlinks to each individual blog post. Just a simple list the goes from TOP (the most recent) to BOTTOM (least recent).nnThe Homepage (“tmo.name”) would literally look like this:nn___n**tmo**nnblog post 3nblog post 2nblog post 1n”Hello World”n___nn…and it is really as simple as that. I can add more ish later, if I wanted to. But this is all that I want (for now). RSS syndication can happen later – I *just* want to be able to make the items listed above happen :)nnback soon

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