So, we went over my yearly treatment plan just a bit ago during the bi-weekly (virtual) therapy call, and all went good there. Now I just have to think of the other "main" goal for my 2022 plan, and that is a good thing and I will spend a good amount of time thinking about it, refining it, etc. Nothing too complex, though, I don't think. Simple goals.

Another thing that we discussed for ~20 minutes, was the "big green check mark" of accomplishment we put next to the goal of 2021, which was sort of me "purging" the old ways of thinking about/of/on the subject of social media usage, and wanting to no longer think like a person who is ON, or is a user OF, social media platforms. It's a serious subject (for me, and I am sure for many others), and it needed to be addressed wholesale in a counseling setting, so it WAS the goal of 2021 - to change the way I thought (or change the mental patterns, I should say) of my thinking. It's a tad hard to explain or summarize in a blog post, but I made immense progress and I am proud of myself, and things are going good there and they will continue to go good, so...awesome :)

So now I just have to think of what will be the goal of 2022, which I am not sure what that will be, yet. More on all of that later, I suppose.

back soon