![](https://i.snap.as/b3WMrUuc.jpg)nnAdd some contrast, and you have yourself a nice photo for the Tumblr blog THEBLACKWORKSHOP (which had some of the coolest photos ever).nnAnyway, I moved the desk into the living room, because I am not a person who can hang out in his bedroom all day long. It’s fxxxing depressing, lol! The desk is *much* better suited to be in the living room, where my thoughts are **free**!nnSo, I DID order the ‘za which I forgot to mention earlier. I meant to write that here, but yea, I ordered a ‘za for the eve. Didn’t make it to the grocery store like I had wished. Tomorrow I will definitely go, though. nnIt’s raining, humid outside. Nasty looking, in general. Glad to be indoors this eve. nnI have hella trash that needs to go out. I will do so early in the AM. And I will also clean up my apartment at that time, too. nnBack later

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