So, I read through some stuff about Web3 (some more), and I still cannot (for the life of me) pinpoint *WHY* it is called “Web3”, or what is has to do with anything “web movement”-related, at all.nnJust call it “sub-Bitcoin marketplace”. Or “Ponzi Stream”. Or “trendy.eth” (which is probably a real address, or whatever those are called). I think this is a *mad* scam put on by VC’s to capitalize on some shit, and if/when they get (“crypto”)rich from it, they can (and likely will) bounce from the tech scene altogether, like those cucks who knocked over Mt Gox back in the day (which was a Bitcoin bank that lost a boatload in cryptocurrencies).nnOr maybe since they (VC’s) have been opining, quipping, professing, or TELLING everyone “just *what* the Web *is*” for so damn long, and they can’t make heads of tails of it (“Web1″/”Web2”), and now this is the “big reveal”, and they are just tending the light at the end of the tunnel of pseudo (computer) science, and showing us Lamen folk what is *juuust* around the corner in tech?nnOr, it’s a damn scam. nnPeople are so foolish sometimes, lemme tell ya

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