To the tune of Marilyn Manson's "Long Hard Road Out Of Hell". But, what does this title mean? Mainly, it is a reflection of what this blog (journal) is (to me), and what other people's blogs/journals are (to them). I cannot say for sure what someone's life story in written form reflects, or how "deep" it goes, or the format they use, or if they even bother to keep tabs in a journal, notebook, or anything to say "such and such day has passed, and this is what I think of it".

It's almost like a poetic soundtrack to life, a journal is. Or sort of like generating an alternate mental wavelength for ones own thoughts/feelings/emotions as the days and weeks go by - like "if it isn't journaled, did it even happen?"

But, the reason this journal (as well as the old bloggo) are "roads into self" is because it (journaling) is more about digging deep into my brain, my beliefs, my days, and the actions/reactions occurring throughout those days, and then seeing what comes of what from having put those things (ALL of them) into a written format.

And the motto of this journal stays the same as the last blog - "I like to write about things that I like to help me understand why I like them" - stolen and paraphrased from an art historian from the Institute of Advanced Study, whose name I can NEVER remember :/

Also, this thing, this log, is fairly diverse, I'd say. Perhaps the only thing that CAN be recognized from it, is the writing style(s) I practice? Not that recognizability is a factor for me, but there certainly isn't a particular "protocol" for how these things (these journal entries) get tossed together. Mostly because there's zero(0) professionalism involved behind this blog. Structured, timed, formatted, deadline'd, rigid writing is definitely NOT what occurs here. It just GOES. And I can see this being somewhat offputting to some people (most could care less, I am sure), but there would be zero authenticity nor sincerity to the words here if I kept things to some hyper-structured format.

But, the point is, that HOWever it gets written, that I do not hold back, and just let things happen as they happen. Painful or not. Positive or negative. Hopefuly or despondent. Just reality - is all.