Ever notice how in America (if one is a resident here), that no one really *discusses* or even *acknowledges* issues at-hand? I mean, there are **so many** things that are batshit in the U.S. (legalized everything (including crime) in SF, tornadoes/hurricanes/wildfires that devastate vast regions of the country on the regular, mass surveillance at our biggest tech co’s, etc. (and those are just the tangible things, not to mention the cultural corrosion of…everything for 15+ years)) – and…NONE of it gets looked at right in the face. It’s like everyone’s consciousness peaced the fxxx out, and they only briefly concern themselves with “a thing” if it happens to be trending in a TL, or if *everyone* is (by sheer coincidence) talking about it. So, no wonder there are folks like me – I see things from a digital distance as to what is going on in the world (even kept a distance when I was *on* social media, believe it or not), and sort of size up the situation and more or less land on the conclusion that “….meh, they’re not going to fix what got them there – leave ’em be”. And I just leave it at that. There are a lot of good ideas floating around, a lot of “good idea fairies” blessing us with pretty reasonable ideas on how to fix such and such about so and so – but, everyone’s so contrarian about literally anything anyone says at any point at any time.nnI think it’s that being “contrarian” makes the person *think* they are appearing “open-minded” or “intelligent”, when really, it just makes them seem *ignorant*, *short-sighted*, and *unimaginative*. And I could go into endless examples of this, but I will not waste anyone’s time, because just go outside and talk to a stranger (or friend, or family member) in the USA, and you will see/hear it everywhere you go. So, like, I would say: “I have an opinion on *this* and here’s *why*”!” and sure as shit smears on shingles, someone has a “clever” (oh they’re *so* darn clever) **contrarian** response to me having an opinion. As if to say: “no, TMO – *other* options exist in the world, don’t think *that* (reasonable, non-threatening, preference-based) way!” nnMindlessly convincing one another to not USE their own fxxing mind. And then people get caught up in a snit when no one is moderately collaborative on anything anywhere (think; working together towards a common goal – everyone’s too up their own axx to work together). If only, though – if only every individual’s opinion mattered, and everyone had their own private Earth to rule without regard for *other* people’s say so in matters at-hand. Wouldn’t that be nice (and completely fictional)?nnIt’s no bother, though, really. I just need to get these small rants off my chest every so often to expel whatever mental demons I have crawling around up there (in my head). nnCarry on :)nnback latern

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