well, a nice waste of time

Went to this BBQ thing at Telegraph Crossing Apartments, to meet neighbors, say "hi" and introduce myself, or whatever, and everyone was off to the sides of the area, not much interaction, no music (yet, I think they are setting it up), and...yea.

I likely need a more "introductory" or "formal" environment for me to re-socialize, in a sense. I talked to a lady who works here, and also her husband, who also works here, and also the dude I chatted with a while back with the dog named Ringo.

But, I didn't feel good just sitting there, stagnant, not communicating with a fucking soul, while most of the small groups went about their conversing and whatnot.

On top of that I had some sort of calorie/fat incarnate "coconut square", and I'll likely get sick from it - adding to the "bubbleguts" of nervous indigestion and awkwardness.

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