I have a ride(!) to go grocery shopping later. Been a while since I could say that. The last ride flaked out on me, as did the one before that. This time, it is my sister, “C”, taking me. So she will be here. nnI just finished coffee, and the sun is out 100% right now. I am probably gonna do laundry later, or tomorrow. Yet to be decided.nnI also located my (useless) Venmo and Revolut cards. I thought I lost them on The Montana Excursion, as I couldn’t locate them when I unpacked my stuff (a month ago), but then I found them tucked away in the hip/fanny pouch. I will likely never use them (Revolut seemed promising, but it won’t let me put $$ on there from my regular debit card OR Google Pay, so…I don’t know where to go from there? I’m not “cool” enough, I guess?) Venmo is basically vaporware, for me. Like PayPal, online payments outlets and financial services conspiratorially hate me, and I can never sign up with them *100%*, and they always say I did something wrong and won’t let me verify my account(s), or just close my accounts without warning, or whatever the case. They could be shadow-banning me due to terrible credit, or the fact that I don’t have a physical/brick-and-mortar bank account, but, I cannot use Venmo or PayPal, or Revolut for that matter. Google Pay isn’t cooperative, either. I am unable to get things from “store.google.com”, even with a straight debit card. And the same for Apple.com – I would have to go through a different outlet like Amazon or B&H Photo if I wanted to get anything from those two companies.nnPerhaps this is why I am so cavalier about my online security (though I *am* pretty damn conscious/secure about things – I even have a Yubikey 2FA authentication key). I have no payment methods online, and anyone attempting to open an account in my name is like stealing the ID off a homeless guy in a park and trying to purchase a Ferrari.nnAnyway, I will welcome in the rest of the day, and probably have more coffee.nnback later

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