welcome to Wednesday - pungent coffee on tap, as well as a lengthy rant on app/company failures

A day sure to please (well, one can hope)

I have therapy on Thursday, because it was rescheduled from today, as the counselor had other matters to attend to.

Now, I drink motor oil instant coffee (Schnucks brand). Schnucks hits a home run with SO many of it's store brand products: soda (which I consume less of now), thin crust cheese 'za (which I am basically tired of buying, and paying the randomized price for), and other non-brand items from their bakery (which I do not utilize very often). But their instant coffee - my Dog! It's SO nasty! LMAO! It honestly just tastes like coffee that was brewed in a regular coffee pot, and then let sit for FAR too long (like, where the liquid "cooks down" to half the volume of the decanter), and then re-re-heated, and that is what this tastes like "fresh". Foul.

I am going to stick with Folgers Noir Golden Midnight, which is quite a long name, but it is dark, and tasty enough. Soon I will be off instant, and back to a Mr Coffee, because instant messes with my digestion, somehow (or I feel that it does).

In other news, I peeped something that someone linked that went to TheVerge.com earlier, and since I was once a devout (dork) devotee of the site (think 2012, when it was essentially a large blog), I decided to go to the homepage and see what they had for the day. I didn't look around much, because there was a story up front about how Instagram has decided to dismantle it's photo-centricity, and essentially mirror what TikTok is doing, because...well, because money.

I don't have a dog in this fight, and I could care less if Instagram becomes TikTok, Pinterest, or PhotoBucket. It is pretty fucking desperate, though. But I guess when everyone is filling their digi-home on the Metaverse with NFTs, and stop paying Real Home(TM) rent, and buying groceries for their families, they won't have to concern themselves much with "Insta" and the influencer culture on there.

I never liked Instagram much though, not even from the start. I remember when it came to Android eventually (it was iOS only for the longest), and I had an HTC Aria Android phone, with a shite camera, and I snapped a front-facing selfie of myself winking, sporting a short mohawk, and I think I was wearing a blue bathrobe, and standing in the kitchen of my apartment in Pevely Point. What a memory! ;)

From that point (late-2011) until I left the initial "main" Instagram account (or one I kept up with the most - I had several others that I would create/destroy/create/destroy, because I was trying to give the service the boot for over a year - becoming successful at quitting permanently in late-2019 (even though I've said that plenty of times, people know)), the acct barely budged in terms of growth. I posted several times a day (as some did back in the day), and they were all square photos, and retro-filtered out. And then it became the norm to actually edit the photo(s) a little bit, and then post at a steady "once-per-day/same-time-per-day" cadence (as everyone seemed to be doing. So I went ahead and did that). But no matter what I posted, or when, or how often, it may as well had been as if I hadn't touched the app, at all - perhaps a "Like" (or "Favorite"?) or two, and basically no comments. It was bizarre, because it took three years for Twitter to become that way, but with Instagram, it was like three weeks! LMAO!

Anyhow, good riddance to any/all of it.  Incl the parent co (Meta) in this case, because the concept of any company anywhere convincing even a small segment of the population to even consider buying an Oculus headset for the purposes of playing Facebook Sims, is about as likely as Google convincing their customers to shell out for Google Glass back in the day. That privacy nightmare never panned out, and for good reason. But Zuck has his hopes up that Metaverse/Oculus/TikTok imitation, and a half dozen other dwindling services will revive FB to whatever the dude envisioned for it back in the day.

So yea, Facebook (Meta) = Yahoo circa the DOT COM bust.

the end of this post/rant - stay well all :)

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